6 things you should know about the condition “Fatty liver”

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What is fatty liver ?

6 things you should know about the condition "Fatty liver"

Fatty liver is the accumulation of fat, mostly in the form of triglycerides, in the liver cells. It can happen to anyone, especially high-risk groups such as: 

  • Drink alcohol regularly 
  • have a fat body 
  • Lack of regular exercise
  • Age 45-50 years who lack exercise or having fewer daily activities
  • Have diabetes 
  • have high blood fat
  • Taking certain drugs for a long time, such as steroids and drugs in the hormone replacement group
  • high blood pressure

Due to fatty liver It is a condition that people may not pay much attention to. And they may not be aware of the dangers that can occur if they don’t take good care of their body. Sanook Health has compiled 6 interesting things about the condition. “Fatty liver” that many people may not know about

6  things you should know about the condition of “ fatty liver 

  1. Fatty liver is quite common in Thailand.

Although fatty liver disease is still not familiar to many people, But in fact, fatty liver can be found quite often among patients in Thailand. Statistics show that 4 out of 10 Thai people have fatty liver.

  1. Fatty liver has no symptoms in the early stages.

A troubling matter for patients with fatty liver disease is that in the โปรโมชั่น ufabet early stages, there will be no symptoms. enough to be clearly observed Therefore, many patients may not be aware that they have this disease. and may still be careless in eating food and various lifestyles until later detected or is already at a level that is worrisome

  1. Commonly found in obese people But it’s possible to be skinny.

Although fatty liver disease is often found In people who are overweight and people who are obese Including people with congenital diseases such as diabetes , but in people who are thin but obese, they are at risk of developing fatty liver as well.

Sugar is a major cause of fatty liver.

You may think that you have fatty liver. It comes from eating high-fat foods alone, but actually another cause is equally important. is eating foods that are high in sugar including fructose in sweetened drinks, soft drinks, and instant fruit juices and sugar in various desserts These are all dangerous causes of fatty liver disease.

  1. You can check for fatty liver disease through a general health examination.

Although it is a condition with no initial symptoms But it is easy to detect fatty liver disease. From the general health check and annual health examinations, such as blood tests Doing an ultrasound and doing a fibroscan It is a technology used to evaluate liver fibrosis. To take care of liver cirrhosis and the amount of fat accumulated in the liver. Reduce the risk of complications from liver puncture. No need to pierce the liver. and the patient will not be hurt

  1. The treatment can only be to lose weight and reduce sweets.

If the patient detects symptoms of fatty liver disease at an early stage There aren’t any serious symptoms yet. Can be easily treated Just reduce weight to normal levels. Reduce the consumption of high-fat foods, sugary foods, and exercise regularly.

However, if you are not sure that you are at risk Or are you currently in a state of fatty liver? You can get a health check at a hospital near your home.