Dreaming of killing someone What can it tell us about our mental health?

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According to the dream interpretation textbooks of Thailand or any country. There may have been a prediction that If you dream that a snake is constricting will get a soulmate Or if you dream of seeing feces will be lucky and get fortune Most dreams are bad. It will become all good. But if you ” dream of killing a person ” or ” dream of killing an animal ” will it still be good for your life or not?

Antonio Zadra, Professor of Psychology at the University of Montreal And researchers from the Center for Advanced Sleep Science Research stated that “It may mean that You think you’re getting away with something. You know you shouldn’t do that. It could be something as small as, ‘I know I’m on a diet. But I secretly ate some chocolate last night.’ Or maybe it was something to do with work? ‘I sent the report to the boss this morning. But I realized that I had done some things badly. And still let other people help you.’ These feelings make you secretly feel guilty about yourself deeply.”

Dreaming of killing someone What can it tell us about our mental health?

Although each person’s dream, each day, each moment has many factors. in a way that makes each person dream of different images But most of the time, dreams come from events that happened in real life. Dreams that come from feeling guilty about something. It might be another way our subconscious mind perceives the feeling. that we may forget Or ignore this feeling without realizing it.

Tips for getting a good night’s sleep

In addition to the issue of health , the external body that we can help us sleep more comfortably. Things like exercising, meditating, drinking warm milk, and going to bed on time every night. Including dimming the lights or turn off the lights in the bedroom Close the dimming window and sounds from outside Adjust the room temperature so that it is not hot. Or is it too cold? The issue of mental health is also important. 

  • Pay attention to how you feel during the day.

Deirdre Barrett, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology Harvard University says that being aware of your own feelings about your daily actions is one of the first causes. of the dreams we will have that night “Let’s see if we can do anything to help the person who makes us feel guilty. If we have done good to the person we feel guilty about. It might reduce our misconceptions,” and that could lead to more wholesome dreams.

If you are trying to quit smoking But you dreamed that you were opening a lighter. That might mean we feel guilty about wanting to smoke. While trying to quit smoking, for example, the solution is simple. Continue to restrain yourself until you feel good about quitting. 

  • Come clean with people who make you feel bad.

If in the dream it wasn’t just us But there is someone else with us. And have to face bad things together, such as being stuck in a car that can’t get out. That might mean You are having bad feelings towards that person, such as fighting with your boyfriend or fighting with friends. The solution is to talk to that person to clear up all problems. Don’t let anything linger in your mind.

Besides having problems with other people Some people may have problems with themselves, such as dreaming that someone and was in shock and guilt while trying to find a way to conceal the corpse’s body. Suddenly someone close to you, such as family, relatives, or friends, came to see you. It may mean that We are doing what we think is wrong. And we fear that those around us will be disappointed. Until we feel guilty about them. The solution is to confess directly to them. What did we do? Maybe if we talk and everyone will forgive us. We may not have to sleep ทางเข้า ufabet with nightmares anymore.

Dreaming of killing someone Or harming any living thing does not mean that we are becoming a psychotic murderer or anything like that. It may just be that Our subconscious thinks we are doing something bad. And we don’t want anyone to know that. Therefore, if it makes our minds calm Don’t feel guilty about anyone or anything or even yourself. I would like to ask that those problems be resolved as quickly as possible. Our subconscious mind will not have to feel guilty as well.