12 things you may not know about “Donate blood”

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Many people already know that ” blood donation ” is beneficial in terms of saving lives for humans who need blood for treatment. But aside from being satisfied with helping others, There is also a lot of interesting information about donating blood that you may not have known. 

12 things you may not know about "Donate blood"

12 things you may not know about “Donate blood”

  1. Anyone who thinks they’ve seen many people donate blood I think that should be enough. Let me tell you, I’m wrong. Because currently there is a daily demand for blood as high as 5,000 units per day, but now there is only 2,000 units of donated blood per day.
  2. What I saw were many people waiting in line to donate blood. In fact, it was only 3% of the entire Thai population. So where will it go, right?
  3. The blood we donate each time Can be separated to use in many parts including platelets, plasma, and red blood cells We don’t just use blood for surgery to treat patients.
  4. But how? Patients who need blood the most There is no escaping the group of patients who need major surgery. or had an accident And our country has accidents often.
  5. Donating blood stimulates the bone marrow to create new blood cells. of quality to circulate and use to nourish the body It is an old blood transfusion. New blood can be useful. and the safest
  6. When we exchange old and new blood transfusions As a result, the new blood that nourishes the body works better. Skin becomes more radiant and bright.
  7. If you intend to donate blood regularly as recommended by the Red Cross. This means that you must take care of your own health and body to be strong at all times. Must be careful about food to eat. Exercising, resting, and not stressing makes you naturally become a healthy person.
  8. When the body is strong It is far from various illnesses. Especially the disease that everyone is afraid of, like cancer, where people who donate blood have a lower risk of serious diseases like cancer than people who have never donated blood.
  9. Good mental health follows. When we realize that we are doing something good for others, happiness and contentment will affect our minds and our feelings of self-worth. It is beneficial to others. Doing good things for society can reduce the risk of depression as well.
  10. We can donate blood up to 4 times per year. (without causing our body any harm) or in our entire life we ​​can donate blood up to 212 times.
  11. The most preferred blood type is AB, followed by A, B, and O in proportion to the ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com country’s population.
  12. Have you ever heard of negative blood types? If you have Rh- blood type, that means you can’t use most of the blood that Thai people have. (We call this blood group system Rh-. Most Thai people have Rh+ blood group, but Rh- is found more often in foreigners.) Anyone who knows or knows someone who has Rh- blood group is invited to donate blood together immediately. Because this blood type is considered a rare blood type. and really very special.

Qualifications for those who can donate blood are as follows:

  1. Age 17-70 years
  2. Weight over 45 kilograms
  3. Get more than 6 hours of rest before donating.
  4. Physical condition is perfect and strong. Don’t have the flu No symptoms of diarrhea, diarrhea in the past 7 days
  5. Stopped taking all medicine for 7 days.
  6. Do not have asthma, chronic skin disease, tuberculosis or other allergies.
  7. Do not have underlying diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes , heart, liver, kidney, thyroid, or blood-related diseases.
  8. If you have dental work, you should leave at least 3 days before donating blood.
  9. If you have had major surgery, it must be more than 6 months. Minor surgery must be more than 1 month.
  10. No history of drugs or has been released from prison for more than 3 years
  11. If you have your ears pierced, tattooed, removed, or have acupuncture, it must be more than 1 year.
  12. If you have ever had malaria, you must abstain for 3 years. But if you have ever been to an area Risk of contracting malaria. Must abstain for 1 year.
  13. Haven’t received any vaccine within 14 days or any serum within 1 year.
  14. Avoid high-fat foods All types of high sugar and refrain from smoking Drink alcohol at least 24 hours before donating blood. (But you can eat normally before donating blood. Drink more water to prevent dizziness)
  15. People who have various allergies, such as seafood allergies, peanut allergies, can donate blood only if they are in good physical health at that time. There was no allergic reaction.
  16. Menstruating women Can donate blood If the menstrual volume is normal and good health No symptoms of fatigue
  17. If you have ever received someone else’s blood for treatment, it must have been more than 1 year.
  18. You or your partner must not engage in risky sexual behavior. or sexually deviant