Poland cuts World Cup squad ‘Ribus’ for still playing in Russian league

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Poland national team decided to take off Masaj Raibus, the veteran defensive line. Out of the squad for the 2022 World Cup. As the player continues to play in the Russian League with Spartak Moscow despite the cause of the war with Ukraine

The Polish Football Federation ( PZPN) has announced that 32-year-old defender. Masaj Raibus has been withdrawn from the national team for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. At the end of the year after he continues to decide on his playing career. Live in russia which made a war by sending soldiers to invade Ukraine. There is no sign that the war will end.

white bear army Both FIFA and UEFA have been banned from events organized by both organizations. As well as the Poland national team. Refused to participate in the competition. But this highly experienced left-back Still signing a free football contract with Spartak Moscow.  After the expiration of his contract with Lokomotiv Moscow, despite the possibility of moving to another UFABET league.

As a result,  PXPN expressed a lot of dissatisfaction. because looking at Still playing in the Russian League as the players still support the war Unlike others, such as   Gerzegorz Krychowiak and comrades Sebastian Simanski, wanting to move out causing them to be punished by expulsion from the World Cup

A statement from the federation said: “Coach Cheslaw Michnievich has told the players that Due to his current situation with a new agency He will not be called up to the national team’s training camp in September. and will not be considered for the list for the World Cup in Qatar.”  

Raibus has served his hometown team in all 66 international matches, which is not yet clear. How long this ban will last, but for sure, at this World Cup, he will have to sit and watch his friends play in front of the TV, with Poland being placed in Group C along with Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.