Diarrhea bulging, causing the ‘Red Devils’ to starve, ‘Nunez’ added a spear

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Manchester United have missed out on Darwin Nunez recently joined Liverpool. League rivals because of Benfica president food poisoning therefore had to postpone. The meeting in spite of discussing the purchase already

The Athletic reports that Manchester United have the opportunity to sign Uruguay striker Darwin Nunez. Before Liverpool because of an appointment with the Benfica board of directors. Signed to join the UFABET team, but Rui Costa president of the Falcons of Lisbon had diarrhea. Causing to postpone the negotiations until the Reds finally came to grab it successfully. 

The 22-year-old spearhead has been linked with the Red Devils for some time and United have held talks with the Portuguese giants. About various preliminary conditions. Which according to the report states Appointment for a meeting about the transfer of the team. Fragrant meat center Happened. Before the UEFA Champions League quarter-final match between the teams from the Portuguese League and the clubs of Merseyside.

But then the appointment had to be postponed because of Rui Costa, former Portugal star and Benfica’s big boss. Severe food poisoning happened at my family’s birthday celebration. As a result, no meetings took place. At the same time, the Red Devils were beginning to doubt that The player’s agency wants to close the deal or not.

Even Red Machine  joined the talks and the players wanted to move the team as well, while the Red Devils did not want to join the auction. Despite having money to reinforce the army, the red machine Successfully grabbed with a price of 64 million pounds, or about 2,775 million baht, plus a bonus that will increase the value to 85 million pounds, or about 3,590 million baht.

If the player fulfills all the conditions, it will immediately become the record for the highest value in place of Virgil van Dijk, who joined from Southampton in 2018, with Nunez wearing the number 27 shirt. The old number of Divock Origi, the Belgian striker The contract expires this summer. As for the media’s wages, it is reported that it is 140,000 pounds per week, or about 6 million baht.