Stop playing the big game! Minami wants to prove his pace

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Chances are few! Japanese footballer Takumi Minamino of the “Reds” team opened up to the Japanese media. Admit disappointment last season. Liverpool Did not get a chance to go on the field especially important matches. Makes even if they play well, but no one cares

There has been little mention for Liverpool’s Japanese winger Takumi Minamino. The giants of English Premier League football last season played 22 games in all competitions. Of which Minamino has made outstanding results. Outstanding in the FA Cup with 3 goals and the Carabao Cup with 4 goals

Although the “Hong Daeng” Liverpool team will win both The list came to dominate successfully. But in the FA Cup football Takumi Minamino did not play in the important semifinals in the final, and in the Carabao Cup football, he was just an unused substitute in important matches as well.

 Takumi Minamino revealed to the famous Japanese media Sunspo that “In my English career with Liverpool, I played a lot of UFABET games. But it’s a game that doesn’t really pay much attention to it. Despite how well I played in the game But it didn’t get much recognition or feedback.”

The Japanese national team player continued, “When playing in each game I think I have to make something memorable. by removing various disappointments motivate yourself I have to admit that this year is the season that made me grow up. But in one corner it was disappointing. even at a certain level of goal So if it’s good, I want to play in some big games. I want to do my best especially in important games. If you get a chance as well