play online casino Get rich with the iron rules of gamblers.

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Play online casinos to be rich with iron rules gambler.  Whether it’s a gambler or a gambling ghost for the general public may see that it is the same. People gamble with their hearts Passionate about all kinds of gambling games. But let’s face it. There’s actually a thin line known as the “rule” that separates these people. It can be seen that there are people who have lost their minds because of gambling. people who enjoy gambling and people who gamble until rich which today we will see that in the world online casino How did he gamble to get rich? What are the golden rules they follow to become rich by gambling?

Rule number 1 Understand the natural laws of casinos.

The first thing to understand and keep in mind is that “Casino always has an advantage”, which is typical of all gambling games. Anyone who has studied House Edge or the casino edge will see that there is no game that the casino has a disadvantage at all. Even if it is a gambling game that uses advanced playing techniques Or the skill of the main player, such as poker or blackjack, the dealer or the online casino There is still a slight advantage.

And with this advantage, it will affect us where If we only play for a short time, we will feel that we have an advantage over the casino. But when playing for a long time, from what it used to be, it starts to lose. This is because the house edge value will see results when there is a lot of data or events because it is caused by calculations with statistical principles and Probably that

To put it simply, for example, slots at the casino give us a 25% advantage in 10 spins, the casino has 2.5 chances to win us, 100 spins, we definitely have 25 chances to lose. Losing 25 times here, we don’t know how many rides it will cause. It may be spread So with 10 rides there is a chance that we won’t lose once. And this is the main reason why playing short is better.

Rule #2: Get enough, stop losing, don’t bring profit to capital.

Most of the people who spend money on online casino Until they are exhausted because they really do not know enough, which is different from people who are successful in gambling. These people will have a goal in every play. There is a clear budget set for how many baht will be spent today. How much profit do you want today? How much do you give up?

When playing, they will hold on to the goals they set. If the profit reaches the desired amount or lose up to a predetermined level They will stop playing immediately. I don’t care if the time is up. Or even if you feel like you want it back, it doesn’t matter. In addition, every baht of profit, every satang will not be taken against the capital at all. Otherwise, the destination may lose both the profits obtained as well as the existing capital.

Rule #3 Always use a money walk formula.

Many people have come across gambling games on online casino Always look for betting formulas that have to bet on how to win. Trying to find every possible way to defeat the dealer. But did you know that, in fact, our bets have a formula to use as well? That is the money walking formula, which has many formulas for us to choose from. Although this formula can’t help increase your chances of winning. But it can increase our profits very well when we can beat the dealer. Including being able to retrieve the lost money back as well or that is, if we use the money walking formula in conjunction with gambling It will help us earn more money without having to play with many eyes.

Rule #4 Bet as low as you can. but high when given the opportunity

If anyone observes the payout rate of gambling games It can be seen that there are both very high paying and very low payouts. It shows that the form of betting that the casino pays low has a very high chance of coming out. he was paid low At the same time, the higher the payout, the less likely it is to get out.

Now, the way to bet that you should use is to bet on the one that pays him low. But it is not very low because it will cost us too much time to reach the target profit. Plus, if you sit for a long time, it will go into the house edge again, but if you think that there is a chance to exit in a high paying rate, then stab it. But it’s not like throwing a full thrust. Just take the minimum capital that is set. Because if it comes out true, the profits are multiplied. Good or bad may be able to exceed the goals that we have set at all.

Rule #5 Don’t let your emotions take over.

It is important whether you go to play at home or in the casino. online casino Most of the people who lose money because when they get it, they feel like they want to go in again. Not enough. Some people have exceeded their profit margins and still won’t stop. Now, when you lose only two eyes instead of hurriedly stopping I think that it’s okay to lose, just the profits that I can earn. try to play to get back In the end, before I knew it again, there was not even a single baht of funds left.

Can you see that in addition to the gambling formula? These iron rules are very important if we want to gamble rich. Because no matter how good you play If the mind is unstable, then everyone will be ruined. Finally, I would like to say unbeaten online casino I can go all the time. Everything has wins and loses. It depends on who will be able to win over one’s own heart.

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