Which part of “chicken meat” gives me how much energy? If you want to be slim, what part do you have to eat?

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Each piece of chicken Give energy to our bodies are not equal. If anyone is controlling their weight Chicken is a healthy protein. But you have to choose the right portion.

Which part of “chicken meat” gives me how much energy?

Dr. Thidakarn Rujipattanakul or Dr. Ping, a specialist in dermatology and anti-aging medicine Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital from the Pleasehealth Books page has identified the energy of each part of chicken meat as follows.

Which part of "chicken meat" gives me how much energy? If you want to be slim, what part do you have to eat?
  • chicken breast 

170 kcal 

25 grams of protein

60 kcal of energy from fat

  • chicken drumstick

180 kcal

23 grams of protein

80 kcal of energy from fat

  • chicken thigh

210 kcal

21 grams of protein

120 kcal of energy from fat

  • chicken wings

240 kcal

23 grams of protein

150 kcal of energy from สมัคร ufabet fat

Introducing how to cook chicken for high protein, low fat.

  1. Choose chicken meat that is fresh, clean, safe and new, not stale for too long.
  2. Choose a less fat part like chicken breast and don’t forget to remove the skin.
  3. Cooked by boiling, steaming or grilling.
  4. If the chicken breast is cooked hard You can try fermented with milk or use the sous vide cooking method. (cook slowly with low temperature)
  5. Eat chicken with fruits and vegetables in the same meal. to get complete nutritional value

Tips for eating chicken breasts

  1. Chicken is meat that contains bacteria. therefore should not be eaten raw because of the risk of bacterial infection from eating This can cause food poisoning, diarrhea or severe infection.
  2. Should choose to buy chicken meat that comes from standardized farms. It should be natural chicken meat that is not contaminated with chemicals, accelerators or hormones.
  3. people with chronic kidney disease You should be careful with eating foods that are high in protein, especially chicken breasts, because eating too much protein can cause the kidneys to work hard. which can affect kidney health
  4. Chicken breasts are already low in fat. Cooking chicken breasts by baking, grilling, steaming or poaching will not increase the fat in the chicken breasts. But cooking chicken breasts by frying, grilling or stir-frying in oil. This increases the fat and calories in the chicken breast. May not be suitable for weight loss or dieting.