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Arsenal target Rafinha in hopes of joining Arteta

Arsenal target Rafinha in hopes of joining Arteta

The media hit the news on Mikel Arteta, the Arsenal manager. Fascinated by Rafinha’s footsteps. The club are planning a £50m bid for him to reinforce the squad. The Times, a famous British media outlet. News reports on the movement of the football market in the English

Although Mohamed Salah, the famous wing of Liverpool, the giants of the English Premier League club will do a great job for the team in the football career. But the results of the national team at hometown are not doing well. In the past, Salah has never taken the Egyptian national team. The big set can win any championship. Hassan Chehata, a former Egypt coach who led the Mummy to three consecutive African Cups of Nations titles, said Mohahe was so frank. Liverpool winger Med Salah is still unable to perform for his homeland as well as he should. I'm sorry to have to say this. Because looking at the performance with the club, he should have done better. “It's part of Salah's inability to show his full potential. That's because Egypt's other players are of inferior quality overall to Liverpool, he should say that to those involved here. Even if he is not a person who has the right to choose a player, he should be honest. Let's just say the players here are not the same as those in England, so the coaches have to make room for Salah to play. We have to find the right players to help him on the pitch.” Mohamed Salah is regarded as one of the best attacking forwards to date for Liverpool, winning the Premier League, AF Cup, Carabao Cup, UEFA Champions League. league But has never led Egypt to win any championships and have not been to the 2022 World Cup final again. His best performance was runner-up at the 2017 and 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

Ex-Egyptian coach pointed out that “Salah” failed to serve the country

Without a championship with the national team! Mohamed Salah has yet to make any significant contributions to the Egyptian national team. Former Dan Mummies boss has revealed partly because the quality of the players in the team is different from Liverpool. which needs more development Although Mohamed Salah,

Eto'o was sentenced to 22 months in prison for tax evasion and fined

Eto’o was sentenced to 22 months in prison for tax evasion and fined

Both remember and adjust! Samuel Eto’o former Barcelona striker. He pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges during his time in Spain’s La Liga. Where he was sentenced to 22 months in prison and fined another 60 million baht. Spanish prosecutors have filed a lawsuit against ex-famous striker Samuel

Stop playing the big game! Minami wants to prove his pace

Stop playing the big game! Minami wants to prove his pace

Chances are few! Japanese footballer Takumi Minamino of the “Reds” team opened up to the Japanese media. Admit disappointment last season. Liverpool Did not get a chance to go on the field especially important matches. Makes even if they play well, but no one cares There has been

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Diarrhea bulging, causing the ‘Red Devils’ to starve, ‘Nunez’ added a spear

Manchester United have missed out on Darwin Nunez recently joined Liverpool. League rivals because of Benfica president food poisoning therefore had to postpone. The meeting in spite of discussing the purchase already The Athletic reports that Manchester United have the opportunity to sign Uruguay striker Darwin Nunez. Before Liverpool because of an appointment with the Benfica board