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Foods against "colon cancer" should be eaten - what should not be eaten?

Foods against “colon cancer” should be eaten – what should not be eaten?

Colon cancer (Colorectal cancer), also known as bowel cancer It is considered the most common cancer. Worldwide, the number of deaths from bowel cancer increases every year. Although this disease is life threatening. You can reduce the risk of disease by a variety of methods, such as exercise. especially Paying attention to food. Hello,

Benefits of "canned fish" how to eat for good health

Benefits of “canned fish” how to eat for good health

Canned food is not only harmful to the body. If eating properly We have received good benefits. from canned fish as well Most canned foods are viewed as having little nutritional value. But in fact, for “canned fish” the nutritional value contained in the fish remains. And is considered one

3 life threatening from "Weight Loss Pills"

3 life threatening from “Weight Loss Pills”

The main dangers found in illegal weight loss pills in the market from nerve stimulants energy metabolism booster and diuretics that if ingested into the body may result in harm to the body arrhythmia until the risk of losing consciousness Asst. Prof. Dr. Sahaphum Srisuma, Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Toxicology Department